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Wedding Planning

Wedding Planner services…

Your wedding day is surely one of the most beautiful and memorable day of your life. We will make it wonderful and carefree, in the exact way you want it. Unfortunatly, planning a wedding comes with many arrangments and worries. Let us take over the worries. You will just need to enjoy every moment of it. Here with is a list of things that we can do for You:

Wedding stationery:
 1. Purchase stock necessary to make the menus/sitting plans etc..
 2. Arrange and co-ordinate all printing.
 3. Make / print / have them made.
 4. Deliver them to bridal couple.
 5. See to it that leaflets/order of service cards are distributed at the church.
 6. Ensure that all table allocations / name cards for guests are correctly placed on the tables at the reception.
 7. Ensure that thank you cards are delivered to the bride after the wedding.
 8. Ensure that thank you cards are posted.

Wedding flowers:
 1. Purchasing of flowers, ribbons and all necessary items to make flower arrangements.
 2. Make church flower arrangements, table decorations, wreaths, and all others bouquets.
 3. Deliver flower arrangements to the church during the morning before the wedding, and set up.
 4. Deliver bouquet to bride, bridesmate, and wreaths (where requested).
 5. Take arrangements from church to reception, if used in both venues.

The Wedding Cerimony:
 1. Reserve the church / chapel were the cerinony will take place.
 2. Arrange a marriage officer, should you need one.
 3. Reserve an organist / music.
 4. Reserve a soloist to sing, should you want it.
 5. Arrange for a rearsal at the church.
 6. Decorating of the church ( flowers arrangements, candles, draping etc..) on the day of the wedding.
 7. Ensure confetti baskets to be ready before the bride arrives at the church.
 8. Ensure that church leaflets / order of service are distributed amongst the guest before the bride arrives.
 9. Ensure that all the candles have been lit.

The Wedding Photographer:
 1. Book photographer.
 2. Arrange arrival time with photographer.
 3. Make / purchase a wedding album
 4. Deliver photos and album to the bridal couple as soon as the photo are ready.

Wedding DVD:
 1. Book videographer.
 2. Arrange arrivals and set-up time with videographer.
 3. Deliver videos / DVD’s to the bridal couple as soon as the are ready.

The Wedding Music:
 1. Book a person that will be responsable for the music
 2. Ensure that the DJ / orchestra / quartet is on time and set up in the reception hall.

The Bridal Attire and Wedding Dress:
 1. Assist the bride and groom in renting / designing of their outfits, ( wherever they choose to have them done or rented in Italy ).
 2. Collect, Deliver and Return the outfits.

 1. Assist the bride and groom in the drafting of a menu where the 2 suggested from us are not appreciated.
 2. Book caterer.
 3. Confirm the final headcount with caterer as soon as the menu has been chosen.

The Bar:
 1. Book a barman.
 2. Assist groom in deciding what amount of “free” drinks / items that will be available for guest.
 3. Confirm final headcount ( where are limits ), as soon as the request has been drawn.

The wedding Cake:
 1. Assist the bridal couple in decisions concernings the wedding cake.
 2. Reserve a baker.
 3. Collect wedding cake the morning of the wedding and set up in reception hall.

The Venue:
 1. Reserve reception hall / gazebo / gardens.
 2. Decorate hall ( drapings, plants etc..).
 3. Ensure that all candles are lit.

Thank You Gifts:
 1. Making / purchasing of thank you gifts and wedding favours as requested by the bridal couple.
 2. Ensure that gifts are placed on tables on the morning of the cerimony.

Table Decor:
 1. Decorating the tables as requested by the bridal couple.
 2. Dress chairs in skirts.
 3. Ensure that table sitting plan is placed at the entry of the gazebo where the banquet will take part.

1. Arrange for a car to take the bride to church, or alternative transports such as helicopter or limousine.
 2. Ensure that the bride is collected on time.

Bridal Make-up & Hair:
 1. Arrange for a hairdresser and make-up artists.
 2. Book a trial for both hair and make-up whenever requested possibly at least 2 days before the wedding.

Transportation and accomodations:
 1.We can arrange for luxury or antique cars for your Wedding Day or even for buses and mini buses for the guests transportation.
 2. Your guests may not be accomodate at Torale because more than 80? Inquirie! We have wonderful deals with Villas, Hotels and B&B near our venue.

 1. Remind a groom to elect a Master of Cerimonies.
 2. Remind the groom to allocate the persons to propose the toasts.
 3. Assist with arrangements for accomodations for family and friends, if needed.
 4. Assist in any arrangements, as requested by the bridal couple.

We will give the bridal couple a questionnaire. This questionnaire will establish what type of wedding you would want, what theme, colour schemes, and include all details the couple would like at their reception. We will go trough this questionnaire with the pair, answering questions concernings the different topics, such as flowers, invitations, designers, etc..

Once the questionnaire has been completed, We can determine what the wedding will cost to the bridal couple. Once the quotation is signed or agreed, we can get to work to book, arrange and obtain quotations from service providers, as chosen by the bridal pair.

The Wedding Management

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