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Trasimeno, driving a vintage car

The Relais Borgo Torale offers its guests a unique way to experience the wonders of Lake Trasimeno: on board a vintage motor car.

What could possibly beat the thrill of driving in a vintage car along the roads that were once part of the legendary Mille Miglia car race, or follow ancient roads through rolling countryside to explore this area’s rich Medieval heritage and art… Wine lovers will find plenty of temptations along the wine trails that run through this area, with wine-tasting stops at the wineries along the way that frequently organise culinary events as an accompaniment.

There are a number of interesting trips and excursions available to tourists all round the lake, which can be toured easily by car in less than a day.

The Relais Borgo Torale is able to offer its guests an excellent choice of vintage motorcars, most of which are open topped two-seaters from the 1960s and 70s.

All cars are perfectly restored and serviced, though guests should remember that these cars do lack some of the comforts of modern vehicles and that hours of driving can prove quite tiring.

Though some of these cars qualified as sports cars in the past, don’t expect a sports car with the luxury and speed we are used to seeing today!


The following services are included in the rental agreement:

  • 24 hours assistance – the mobile telephones of our hotel staff are listed for any emergency in the car road book;


  • insurance: all cars are covered with RCA insurance policy against theft, fire and damage to third parties;


  • free car delivery directly at the Relais Borgo Torale;


  • free substitution in the event of breakdown.

Please contact the Relais Borgo Torale reception should you have any further queries concerning rental, times, prices or booking procedures.

The Management

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