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Menù Bella Napoli (1)

Aperitifs: Tarts, vol-au-vents,bruschettas, assortement of stone-baked salty bread & pizza…

Appetizers: ( choise of two )

 Flan of vegetables with Blue stilton…( vegetarian )
 Slices of raw breast of duck marinated in balsamic vinegar & lemon….
 Prawns cocktail in a lime sauce with rocket, celery & parsley….( fish-vegetarian )
Selection of tipical Umbrian cold cuts and charcuteries with truffle polenta…  Ham, Melon & Figs… ( available September, October )
 Baby avocados in a mustard and balsamic vinegar sauce with salmon escalop…( fish-vegetarian )
 Selection of Italian Antipasti… ( hors d’euvre )

First Courses: ( choise of two )

 Risotto with porcini mushrooms, truffles and saffron… ( vegetarian )
 Cavatelli pasta with Genoese-style pesto… ( vegetarian )
 Paccheri pasta with ciliegino tomatoe sauce & minced meat… ( Bolognese )
 Gnocchi pasta with Gorgonzola cheese and & walnuts… ( vegetarian )
 Spaghetti pasta with clams, calamari & mussels in a fresh tomatoe sauce… ( fish-vegetarian )
 Lasagna Bolognese or Lasagna Vegeterian…
 Ravioli pasta in a tomato sauce & basil or in a white sauce of butter and sage… ( vegetarian )
 Risotto with asparagus & herbs topped with cicken salad…

Main courses: ( choise of two )

 Beef fillet with porcini mushrooms and Scorzone truffle…
 Roasted pork and potatoes on a bed of vegetables topped with grevy sauce…
 Grilled Lamb steak with mint, roasted potatoes and fresh salad…
 Italian pie filled with vegetables & chesees, topped with tomatoes salad and balsamic oliv oil… ( vegetarian )
 Vol- au- vent with tuna & mais… ( fish-vegetarian )
 Vegetables flan made of carrots & zucchini or aubergine and spinach… ( vegetarian )
 Chianina Beef fillet sunk in a Sagrantino wine sauce…
 Breast of Duck on a bed of crumbled bread and aromatic vegetables….


Selection of desserts including:

 Chocolate mousse,
 Yougurt topped with bluberry, blackberry & seasonal fruits,
 Crostata di Bosco,
Wedding Cake.

Our Wedding Cake is made of Pan di Spagna, chantilly cream, chocolate, cream and seasanol fruit.
On request can be made also Mille Foglie that is made of puff pastry with cream and chocolat layers.

The Wedding Management


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