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British Citizens

Marriage of British Nationals

The formalities that a British person must complete in order to get marry in Italy are regulated from the “Comune “( Town Hall ) where the couple intend to marry.

Neither Civil nor Religious Marriages can be celebrated at British Consulates in Italy.

Religious Marriages are regulated directly by the minister of religion of the denomination where couples wish to marry.

To be celebrated in Italy a marriage between British national, the italian local authorities, and in this case the Comune will require a Nulla Osta.

The above mentioned document is obtained after having produced:

British passport;

Full birth certificate;

Certificate of No Impediment;

Consent of parents or guardian when underage;

Evidence of termination of any previous marriage of both parties, if applicable;

Certificate of Stato libero;

A deed pool in case the name of the birth certificate differs from that on your passport.

The Wedding Management

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